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Pastor Bill Eley1/12/2020
Series: 3Cs for Christian Life Consistency
John 6:66-69

Pastor Bill Eley1/5/2020
"Don't Let Your...."
John 16-20

Tim Keib12/29/2019
"God's Little Interruption"
Luke 2

Pastor Bill Eley12/22/2019
The Star
Matthew 2:9-11

Pastor Bill Eley12/15/2019
"The Manger"
Luke 2:6-7

Pastor Bill Eley12/8/2019
The Inn
Luke 2:1-7

Pastor Bill Eley12/1/2019
"The Seed of Reward"
Psalm 103:10(KJV)
Matthew 17:20
Romans 10:17

Pastor Bill Eley11/24/2019
"The Heart of Thanksgiving"

Pastor Bill Eley11/17/2019
"Growing Into Gratitude"
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Pastor Bill Eley11/10/2019
"4 Must Words Vital to Victorious Living"